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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Championship Game between DLSU and ADMU in UAAP Season 71

I was browsing my through contacts' latest posts in Multiply and I found this article from Ryota's blog. It was about the Ateneo Blue Eagles triumph over the De La Salle Green Archers. It shows some very strong points.

Gloating Blue Eagle -Talking Points
By Bobby Cabral
Dear La Sallians:

By now, you would have experienced gale force winds in Katipunan. Or you would have read articles in newspapers or blogs proclaiming the greatness of this season 71 edition of the Blue Eagles, Rabeh, Chris Tiu, Buenafe et al. They will also criticize our Archers as pikon and lacking class for not receiving their runner-up trophy, so perhaps we should be prepared with the facts.

1. While UP is the host of Season 71 and they selected the Narvasa Brothers (both former Blue Eagle varsity players) and were directly responsible for the referees.

2. Commissioner Chito Narvasa penalized La Salle and Coach Franz Pumaren during the first La Salle-Ateneo regular season game for not wearing his ID and gave two free throws to Ateneo. This inspite of Coach Pido Jarencio of UST being shown not wearing his ID during the earlier game and not being penalized.

3. During two regular games during the season, one versus FEU and the other against UST, referees who called technical fouls against La Salle's opponents were punished by Narvasa after the game with a termination and one with a suspension.

4. During the the final championship game, Buenafe, Jobe and other Ateneans could be seen taunting and trash talking but were not penalized.

5. The referees called 29 fouls on the Archers and only 13 fouls against the Blue Eagles. They awarded 28 free throws (18 which were converted) to Ateneo and only 8 free throws to the Green Archers.

6. The phantom finger of Rico was not clearly evident and since there was no reaction from the Eagles, it must not have happened.

7. The Green Archers were in the dugout during the awarding and no official from the UAAP called them out to receive their award.

Finally, if the Ateneans wanted to win with honor, they failed to do so. The Ateneo community should have asked the Narvasas to inhibit themselves due to their school history and obvious bias towards La Salle.

I will concede the first three La Salle-Ateneo games in Season 71 to the Blue Eagles. But we will never know the outcome of game 2 of the Championship series.because the referees panicked when La Salle reduced a 15 point deficit to three in less than five minutes.

Animo La Salle!!!

I was also there during the game as a member of The Animo Squad - White Jackets when we repeated our UAAP CDC Competition piece during the halftime as it was a finals game between the most popular Philippine rival schools. The effect of the 15 point lead of Ateneo during halftime was easily observed through the La Salle side's quiet reaction to our performance. They had no motivation to cheer.

Even if we did officially lose the championship title this season, we could always go Back to Not to Back next year.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[SOCCOMP Blog Week #1] Tools for the Generation Y

Most students enrolled in the Social Computing course, who were required to "web log" about the discussions during the 1st week of class, have been blogging about "Generation Y". So I have decided to blog about something else which had greater effect on my personal behavior in social computing which has been discussed in class.

Aside from the hogging topic of "Generation Y", Ms. Kiran also discussed and gave examples of different social computing tools. After listening to her discussion, I am currently using some of the tools she had mentioned. Some of the tools she mentioned which I remembered (and were also in the slides she uploaded) were:
Because of the discussion, I decided to visit some of the web sites and try them for myself. Thinking that it was required for creating blogs in SOCCOMP (which could already be done within the "soccomp08t2" Ning network), I created my own account in blogger and got my own blogspot. I titled my blogspot as "Rehearsal Hall", after the official dance studio of La Salle Dance Company - Street where I spend most of my time in school. I don't have any other main reason to name it that way--except that it just sounded cool. Haha! Blogspot was really easy to use just like Ms. Kiran said. The gadgets were very useful. The importance of customization is a major attribute of Generation Y and so I lived up to our generation's reputation. I designed it as personal and aesthetic as I could (or have time for). As mentioned above, you could visit it at paperstainer.blogspot.com. And please leave comments! Thank you!

The other tool I have tried is under the area of Social Bookmarking which is "Delicious". I downloaded and installed the add-on to my Mozilla Firefox browser and now it's working great. I could keep track of the important sites I have visited or which I find would be useful in the future. Try it for yourself! Visit www.delicious.com. I also asked for Ms. Kiran's account in delicious and she gave it to me without hesitation. I find being able to share my bookmarks and being able to view others bookmarks collaborative and resourceful.

And so, try them! They will prove useful to you and may help you in your search for your identity (as defined being an attribute of the Generation Y).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Creator's Arrival

Creator? No not God. It's just my mom. Growing up in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 12 years before college, I've experienced typical child care from her. But eversince the start of my days in the Philippines to study in De La Salle University - Manila, I and my elder sister have had a distant relationship with my family who still stays there. They visit the Philippines from time to time and vice versa.

She arrived alone in the condo at around 6PM last night. As soon as I heard her voice I went out of my room to give her a 5month-long-wait hug. I did not notice much difference in appearance from her. Neither is her loud (sort of) irritating voice which I've been scolded with during my childhood. Even more irritating is when her voice is synchronized with that of my aunt's. One could really see the traits they've shared in their blood. We had "pasalubong" from her! I received different assortments of sweets. Yey!

Friday, being the start of DLSU's weekend, I invited my mom to catch a movie or just go to the mall that night. So we went to SM Mall of Asia to watch "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army". Amazingly, she didn't fall asleep during the run of the film. She usually does. Well, she did when we watched with my younger brothers last summer.

Oh! to give you guys a trivia about Saudi Arabia. There are NO CINEMAS in Saudi Arabia. With the exception of family-reserved cinema houses. To add to that, they only show kiddie stuff. Yup, they're strict alright!

Anyway... The popcorn was good. I also bought her "Minute Maid" so that she would be able to try it's pulpy goodness. Yummy!

I was planning to line up at the taxi bay area and it was a good thing she stopped me because I didn't know it was possible to take a jeepney ride that would go straight to the La Salle area. "At ako pa ang nakatira sa Pilipinas diba!" We then took a jeepney ride home.

And so I have just shared a son's happy trip with his mom. They are usually taken for granted. But you guys should cherish such moments because you are lucky that your parents are able greet you just as you enter your front door. So c'mon! Give them a hug!