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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Think before you express. Respect please!

I apologize to some people if they think that I'm reviving what we've been trying to diminish which we (LSDC-Street) and along with other college dance groups have noticed on YouTube lately about videos on different Skechers Year 4 performances. But I just can't keep this to myself.

How do I define a good comment? A good comment is one's personal opinion on a certain topic given with free will (may be positive or negative) but is constructive, meaningful, and sensible.

But what have I been seeing lately?
(Comments could be found on LSDC-Street’s videos on YouTube on Skechers Year 4)

"nde dpat lasalle ang nanalo... nde nga nmin npansin ung sayaw nila...either tip or ue dapat ang ng champ!!so suck"

I saw this comment posted 2 times on 2 different copies of video. TIP and UE were great out there. I was able to watch UE and I was inspired by their very daring stunts which I would love to learn myself. And I heard a lot of good comments about TIP from my own group. TIP was even nice and friendly to my group mates backstage. So I fully respect them because they have shown a great performance and sportsmanship. The comment would have been fine. But “so suck”?

"unfair judging... i was there! i hav watched all performers!? go, UE!
ang ganda ng production na to! ang mhal ng talent fee, 100k...
nice one! nkktawa nlng...."

Judge ka?

“oh no!! kitang-kita mo naman na may mas magaling dito pero bakit sila pa ang nanalo. wew!! tsk tsk..”

Apparently hindi “kitang-kita” sa mga judges.

“Lasalle. I hate you. I am a hater. HAHAHAHA”

I don’t know if trip lang toh pero at least may pa joke effect ka at naka-ease ng tension haha.

“LSDC champions ------> ???? ??????.....”

Answer: Yes.

“Champ? bkit? dko mkita reason kung bt cla nag champion.”

Simply God’s will. We honestly also didn’t expect to be champions ourselves because we prepared our hearts for that whatever may happen, we know that it was according to His will.

“ang panget!! mukhang tanga lang....
ang gulo ng sayaw..anu kaya yun?!
ahahahaha nagkalat!!
panoorin niyo kaya ulet?? paulet ulet!! shet nasuka ako......”

Sorry. Perfect ka? Some of us admittedly made a few mistakes in the performance, but we didn’t let it affect us. What more right do you have to say those words? Kung sumuka ka man habang nanunuod edi puro suka na ngayon ang kamay mo dahil nakapag-type ka pa ng comment.

“ano b yan ang panget walang thrill!!!!!!
bakit champion?
wala man lang "nervewracking" na mga steps o sayaw....
masyadong pinahalata yung pandadaya....”

"Adj. NERVE-WRACKING - extremely irritating to the nerves." Talaga? Wala nun? Thanks! :D

d naman sabay sabay boring yung music...”

We actually found the music to be really great and we were happy about it. By saying that it’s boring you actually made a very offensive comment to one of the top (and I mean TOP) DJs in the Philippines.

“pasikatan lang pala ang skechers eh..kaya pala...kaya champion ang pangit at magulo na sayaw..hahahaha..bale napansin lang ang TIP gawa s Stunts..at hindi dahil sa sayaw..wala din pala kwenta kahit sumayaw ka ng sumayaw..pasikatan lang kelangan..at payamanan..mahihirap lang taLAga TIP eh..hehehe...dami nga nag ddrop sa TIP dahil wala pera eh..hehe..sorry..di q balak mang offend sa mga taga TIP..aun lang ang totoo..daya naman unfair tlaga..mas lamang pa rin talaga ang rich.”

Grabe ka magsalita. Nasa LSDC-Street Skechers performance page ka tapos nangdadamay ka ng ibang school. Di mo balak mang-offend ah? TIP proved to be a strong team this year and it seems that money isn’t a factor for them to perform well. Kudos to TIP!

That’s all. I just want to share my thoughts. And like what kuya RJ keeps on saying to all of them. GOD BLESS!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Support LSDC-Street at Skechers Street Dance Battle: Year 4

lsdc-street skechers '07

Watch and support La Salle Dance Company - Street as we compete again at the

Skechers Street Dance Battle: Year 4
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Ticket prices (PHP) are as follows:
  • Patron - 500
  • Lower Box - 400
  • Upper Box A - 300
  • Upper Box B - 175
  • General Admissions - 75

Final order and payment of tickets for De La Salle University - Manila supporters is on November 10, 2008, Monday from 9am-1pm at the Yuchengco Lobby (La Salle Dance Company, Remix '08 Booth). Claiming of tickets will be at 4pm of the same day and venue.

Please support us. Thank you!