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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update Twitter via SMS in the Philippines for FREE!

I finally found a way to update Twitter via SMS thanks to @kevinmr!

ISIP.PH updates quickly and for free BUT it'll have this ugly suffix at the end of the tweet saying "-Update via SMS using http://www.isip.ph/".

It would have been perfect.


erick said...

no worries, that footer will be gone if your messages reaches 123 characters or more :)

Anonymous said...

How much does this exactly cost anyway? Does it trigger more unwanted text spams?

Rose Buenconsejo said...

hi, u might also like to try @tweetitow for texting your tweets. pls see here http://wp.me/pAl2p-24 for details.

Eda said...

I found and tried this free unlimited sms to all network website. You can send unlimited texts to all Philippine subscribers.
We can also meet new friends and txtmates through discussion and chat.

Visit this link http://www.txtmate.com

dizzy said...

Is isip.ph active? They don't let me signup. T__T

Gil Villamater said...

wala na...

james abram said...

This technology now is outdated I think. With the abundance of android phones, it is much better to buy one. But still free text services in the Philippines like the one offered here: http://www.loadmena.com/freesms/freesms.aspx is still needed.